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Take the edge off.. literally, with our Saturn and Orion Greenhouse models. Similar to most of our range, the Saturn and Orion models have a unique twist that sets them apart from standard greenhouse shapes. The curved edge, which is made from acrylic, is flexible and matches the transparency of traditional glass. While the acrylic has a standard 5 year UV protective coating, we do recommend just taking a look at the curved edges every once in a while for signs of fading. Usually the acrylic just needs a clean, which can be done using just water and a soft cloth (preferably microfibre), if the acrylic fades to a darker yellow after about 5 years they are easy, cheap and quick to replace. The main advantages of the curved, tall roof on these models is that even with smaller dimensions, head room won’t be sacrificed and there is more height for taller plants and/or hanging plants, as they are quite a bit taller than traditional greenhouse styles. These greenhouses are available with Horticultural glass and Toughened safety glass. The frame colours for these models are currently available in either silver or green. For any further queries, please contact A1 Greenhouses.



Delivery and Installation are available in:

Ireland, Northern Ireland, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Waterford, Tipperary, Kilkenny, Wexford, Carlow, Wicklow, Kildare, Laois, Clare, Offaly, Dublin, Galway, Mayo, Roscommon, Westmeath, Meath, Longford, Louth, Cavan, Leitrim, Sligo, Donegal, Tyrone, Fermanagh, Monaghan, Armagh, Derry, Antrim, Down.

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