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When first deciding what type of hobby greenhouse might be best suited to your area and needs. Ideally one should take note of garden space first, and allow 1-2 feet away from any wall or fence when deciding where to place a greenhouse. Most of our range can be installed on both concrete and soil. It is important to do some research before deciding on what greenhouse will suit you. You can visit our News section, view our range or contact us to see our display area located at E32 T048 (Co. Kilkenny).

When positioning your greenhouse, make sure that it is not directly up against a wall or fence (this excludes lean-to models), in the event that a pane of glass ever needs to be changed ( as they are fitted from the outside ). Make sure the Greenhouse is in an area that can receive plenty of sunlight all year round, as the sun is what heats most greenhouses all year round. It is usually a good idea to place the Greenhouse not too far from your home, as this usually makes it easier to access electrical and water sources that may be used, such as garden hose hookups etc.

A hobby Greenhouse needs around 6 hours of sunlight during colder seasons, which is why positioning the Greenhouse correctly is one of the most important steps of the process. So here’s a pro tip: situate your greenhouse so that its narrower front or back end faces east. Doing so helps improve temperature management and increases heating for your gardening by letting the longer sides get southern UV ray exposure all winter long. This helps to ensure a consistent amount of heat inside the greenhouse which vastly improves plant health.

For hotter times of the year, it may be necessary to provide some sort of shading for a greenhouse to avoid plants becoming too hot which can cause irreversible damage to your plants. Planting larger shrubs or having a fence / wall roughly 2 feet away from the greenhouse can provide some shading, but for more extreme heat you can utilise common items such as bedsheets and soft table cloths to cover large portions of the greenhouse during the day. Additional greenhouse shading can be found in our accessories section.

To achieve best results for growing plants in a Greenhouse, we recommend using accessories such as a greenhouse thermometer to monitor internal temperature, a hygrometer to measure soil and air moisture content, louvre windows / window vents to create air circulation inside the greenhouse and down-pipe kits to collect natural rainwater for your plants.

For any further queries related to greenhouses or greenhouse related services, please contact A1Greenhouses.

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