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As it says in the name, greenhouses of this style are fixed upon a ‘Dwarf Wall’. Reasons for choosing a greenhouse of this type could be for example, extra head room within the greenhouse, which is more suitable for taller individuals, and hanging plants. Other advantages, such as not having long panes of glass near the ground, can help avoid any incidents from activities such as mowing the lawn, where a mower may throw a small rock and shatter a pane of glass, the Dwarf wall beneath the greenhouse, which is usually about 2 feet in height and adds extra protection to the greenhouse. The wall also provides slightly more stability, as it would typically be stronger than most greenhouse frames. The wall is usually constructed of red brick in most cases, due to red brick having great heat retention, although you can use other materials such as wood or aluminium, we would suggest using brick to form the Dwarf wall, due to the longevity and stability of a brick structure. If this style of greenhouse is of interest to you, have a look at our Cassandra model, if you have any queries please contact A1Greenhouses.

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