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Choosing a Greenhouse:

There is a lot to consider when choosing your first greenhouse, as you may know. The most common mistake people first make is not choosing a big enough greenhouse for the space they have available. Our advice would be to balance both budget and space together and plan before choosing a greenhouse based solely on looks and consider the important factors such as available space, budget and areas to get best sunlight hours.

Picking the Right Spot: 

Arguably the most important step of the process is choosing the right spot. Ideally, you would need a flat surface (not necessarily level, but flat). We install most of our range on both soil and concrete, so there is some flexibility in this stage. A spot with maximum sunlight that avoids wind and cold pockets of air (e.g 2 feet away from a strong wall or fence). Lastly, a Greenhouse should sit on an east-west axis if possible, as this would ensure maximum sunlight hours, especially during the winter.

Dwarf Wall Elite Greenhouse


During the summer months, ventilation is very important in any greenhouse. It is important that you check that all windows and vents are open on days with high temperatures and lots of sunshine, as to avoid damaging your plants. To learn more about plant maintenance solutions, visit our article here:

Damping Down:

Damping Down is a term used for watering the floor inside the Greenhouse. This process is important during summer months as the water on the Greenhouse floor creates enough moisture throughout the day to prevent most plants from suffering heat damage or heat stress.

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