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Unlike traditional Free standing Greenhouses, Lean to Models require both a floor surface and a solid wall in order to be installed. For example, a concrete base and the wall of a house, or a soil base and a garden fence, etc. All Greenhouse products at A1 Greenhouses (Unless specified otherwise) include a steel sub frame (base) that is used to fasten the Greenhouse directly to the surface using anchor bolts, or the sub frame base legs can be secured into a soft surface using concrete that we provide. The steel base is constructed on site along with the rest of the Greenhouse, where it is then checked for level and squareness, before securing it to the solid or soft surface, using the anchor bolts or being buried beneath the soft surface.

The wall surface that the Lean to would be secured to must be solid and mostly level, adjustments can be made on site if needed, with the consent of the customer. The base beneath the Lean to and the upright wall should both be larger than the given dimensions of the greenhouse. For example, if a lean to has a 6’x4′ floor size and 6’x4′ wall size, we would recommend that both surfaces are at least 7’x5′, as the greenhouse is usually slightly larger than the given dimensions.

Please note that all Lean to Models at A1 Greenhouses are not conservatories and are not water proof, nor do we provide water proofing services for any Greenhouse models. If one wishes to do so, it is at the owners risk.


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