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Solid surfaces such as Concrete and Patio Slabs are among the most popular surfaces to have a Greenhouse installed on. All Greenhouse products at A1 Greenhouses (Unless specified otherwise) include a steel sub frame (base) that is used to fasten the Greenhouse directly to the surface using anchor bolts. The steel base is constructed on site along with the rest of the Greenhouse, where it is then checked for level and squareness, before securing it to the solid surface, using the anchor bolts.

The recommended depth for any solid surface is between 3-4 inches, to ensure that the anchor bolts can be fully secured into the surface. The recommended size for any surface is roughly one foot wider and longer than the Greenhouse measurements, as the Greenhouse is usually slightly larger than the dimensions listed. For example, a 6 foot wide by 8 foot long Greenhouse should have a 7 foot wide by 9 foot long surface area to be installed on.

It is also important to make sure that the Greenhouse is roughly 2 feet away from any walls, as the glass is usually fitted from the outside. The installer will need that space in order to install the glass panes in the Greenhouse sides and gable ends, as well as navigating around the Greenhouse with a ladder to install the panes and vents on the roof.

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