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A cost effective and secure method of installing a Greenhouse. Installing a Greenhouse on a softer surface, such as soil in the picture shown above, is a tried and tested method of Greenhouse Installation that securely holds the Greenhouse in place without the need of having to have a solid surface such as Concrete or Patio Slabs.

This method is most suited to our Vitavia range of greenhouses, as the steel base that is included with these Greenhouses comes with ‘legs’ that can be buried between 1-2 feet below the surface. From there, we use a quick setting concrete to secure these ‘legs’ and the Greenhouse base in position, ensuring that it is solid and can not move. once the base is secured into the soft surface, the rest of the Greenhouse can be Constructed. This method may not be used for Greenhouse models with a Low Threshold entrance, and if this is your selected method of Installation, we recommend contacting A1 Greenhouses beforehand to ensure that this type of Installation is suitable for your chosen Greenhouse.

It is important to make sure that the Greenhouse is roughly 2 feet away from any walls, as the glass is usually fitted from the outside. The installer will need that space in order to install the glass panes in the Greenhouse sides and gable ends, as well as navigating around the Greenhouse with a ladder to install the panes and vents on the roof.

Installing a Greenhouse on a Soft surface may include on extra fee on top of the listed installation price, as this method requires extra materials and increases labour time.

For any further queries regarding Greenhouse Installation, please Contact A1 Greenhouses.



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