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Dwarf Wall styled Greenhouses, as mentioned in the name are Installed on a Dwarf Wall, which can be constructed from materials such as aluminium, wood, concrete and brick. Examples of Dwarf Wall models can be found in our range, such at the Cassandra and the Featured Greenhouse models. Upon Request, any Elite Greenhouses models can be converted to a Dwarf Wall Greenhouse.

The Dwarf Wall is a popular choice when one requires an eaves height of which part is brickwork and the remainder is glass and aluminium. The attractive, unique styling, often associated with a bygone era, is achieved from a combination of a traditional designed greenhouse yet without the cost and maintenance associated with a period wooden building. The most popular material to use for constructing a Dwarf Wall for the Greenhouse is red brick, as red brick is good for storing heat, which is collected during sunlight hours and then slowly released overnight or during cooler day periods to create a more consistent temperature within the greenhouse, creating gentle growing conditions for crops within the Greenhouse.

Whatever material you choose to construct the Dwarf Wall from, we recommend that it is of solid construction with no holes or potential weak points, as it is the foundations that the Greenhouse will be constructed on and secured to.

For any further queries regarding Greenhouse installation and/or Dwarf Wall construction, please Contact A1 Greenhouses.

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