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Q. Which Greenhouse do I need ?

A. Usually best to buy the largest size your site and budget will allow.
It will quickly become full and customers often tell us they wish they had bought a larger greenhouse


Q. What are the site requirements ?

A. the greenhouse should be placed where it will get the most sunlight, but sheltered from the wind as much as possible.

The site must be LEVEL


Q. Can the greenhouse be placed directly onto a lawn ?

A. Yes, all Vitavia greenhouses are supplied with land anchors which can be buried in concrete at each corner.


Q. What type of foundation do I need. ?

A. A concrete foundation is best. This can be in the form of a full base or as a picture frame to allow planting in the ground.


Q. Is there a charge for delivery ?

A. All deliveries are free.


Q. What about assembly ?

A. Vitavia greenhouses are all delivered flat packed and are suppled with step by step fitting instructions.
We offer an installation service on all models. (Some of our customers prefer us to install the greenhouse for them).


Q. How long does delivery take ?

A. From the time you order, at most 6 weeks, but we aim to deliver within 3 weeks. Different times of year are busier and so longer wait times.
We keep customer informed each step of the way via phone call.